Moshi Moshi Review at Liverpool Street

February 21st, 2013 by | Food & Wine, Spooning in The City |

Moshi Moshi Review Liverpool Street

The Japanese phrase Moshi Moshi roughly translates in English to “hello”. Hello indeed! With a focus on sustainability through the Marine Stewardship Council, this sushi eatery is a saviour for endangered species such as the blue fin tuna and unagi eel. The fresh beautifully prepared food adds to their already clear conscience and the cleanliness even more so. They even support local fishing communities by having their own fisherman, reducing the risk of wasteful by-catch.

Hidden behind M&S in Liverpool Street station it’s hard to find Moshi Moshi, making it the best kept sushi secret I know.

As we walked in we were greeted by the island bar in the centre with rotating sushi conveyor belt; the chefs making the fresh sushi in the middle was a great twist. As a big fan of open kitchens it re-enforced how seriously they take their food ethics.

Lining the walls made of windows, overlooking one of the platforms of the train station, were small round tables. Surrounded by plants and bamboo grating lent some privacy to the many diners. A spectacular use of location and architectural ingenuity made for a great atmosphere too.

Moshi Moshi Edamame Beans

Dining with V is always fun but delicious food makes it more so, like today. Our friend L had joined us this time; she also went for the same sushi combination as me but with the pork miso soup. I went for the mixed sushi which was absolutely delightful and spectacularly presented on curved slabs of slate. I only wish more of the sushi actually had fish in it for the £15 it cost. I also had the sea fayre tempura, exactly as one would hope tempura would be: light flavoursome batter perfectly complimenting the fresh and large pieces of soft fish inside.

Moshi Moshi Tempura Prawn

V decided upon a different mix of sushi and the chicken teriyaki which she really enjoyed.

The hot salted edamame beans made our meals go further as well as the complimentary miso soup with seasonal twist of mushrooms and delicate spices, leaving us all utterly stuffed.

They didn’t sell the usual soft drinks, instead only old style cola and bitter cloudy lemonade in the glass bottles which I personally find nicer.

It’s a real shame that it so pricey for a weekday lunch at £16 per head, but understandably so as they certainly don’t compromise on quality. All that remains is an invention of a spork type chopstick to stop otherwise elegant and graceful diners such as myself from looking quite as “special” as I did.

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